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Stormwater Management

The engineering and consulting team at West Consultants provides land planning assistance for traditional stormwater management including selection and location of culverts, curbs and gutters, swales and underground pipe networks to safely move stormwater off or through developed property.

West's team stays up-to-date on regulations and is experienced in the most recent stormwater requirements which may be required, including best management practices (BMP’s) such as detention ponds to remove pollutants from stormwater runoff.

West Consultants is knowledgeable in the design of stormwater management facilities and can assist land planners, developers, and contractors in making a land development project meet the dual objectives of stormwater treatment and conveyance. With years of experience, West Consultants can minimize development costs while also protecting nearby property and downstream waters.

West Consultants also assists local governments with their compliance responsibilities for NPDES Phase II, Water Supply Watershed Protection, and related programs. Services include plan reviews, stormwater ordinance writing or updating, BMP inspections, and mapping.